The update of Liftstar samples in 2014

The update of Liftstar samples in 2014

Expedient is a company who never stops the step of innovation and R&D. In 2014, Expedient achieves a major breakthrough in technology.

The New Technologies from Expedient:

1. Quiet Night is one of the new technologies from Expedient in 2014. The lifting noise level for electric pallet truck is lower than 60dB, which is one of the lowest in the world. And the electric stacker's lifting noise level is around 69dB, which will protect operators' healthy

2. Cornering Speed
Cornering Speed Control: automatically decelerating and accelerating based on real time operating conditions.
(1) Brake override label helps operators quickly locate brake override zone.
(2) Allows travel at reduced speeds with the handle positioned in the brake override zone.

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