Shop Cranes

Shop Cranes- A Nice Option to Keep Your Workers in Good Health

Shop cranes for heavy goods lifting

If you are a factory or warehouse owner then you might have seen your workers lifting heavy loads. This might have caused a bad impact on their health due to heavy physical labor. For this reason shop cranes have been devised to lift and move heavy objects. You can move them within a factory premises to shift goods from place to another. These goods lifting cranes have many unique advantages. Take for advantage these cranes can lift material of 1 ton capacity in few seconds without any physical labor. They also consume less energy to get operated by their users and drivers. They are being used in various sectors like factories, industries and warehouses.

Why to buy goods lifting cranes?

As we have already told that manual shop cranes are easy on pocket. Today in professionals and working people are using them in sectors like warehouses, real estate, welding, painting, factories, workshops and automobile garages. These sectors are making use of lifting and moving cranes as they consume less time and energy. You can even buy a potable crane that can be taken at any place or work site. When it comes to cost of these cranes then you can see many affordable vendors selling them on the internet. If you browse the web then you may come across many websites that sell cranes at a low possible cost. Some of them may even give you smart discounts and attractive offers.

MaxLift Shop Crane
Model No : SCF1000
Capacity : 1000kg
Model No : EXSC 1000-F
Capacity : 1000 Kg
Rating Lifting Capacity : 1000/900/800 Kg
Lifting height : 3000 mm
Packaging Size : 1400*1000*180 mm
Service Weight : 115 Kg
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