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If you are looking for Material Handling equipment on hire, EXPEDIENT Equipment’s covers an entire range of current models and machines as and when required by the customers. Being an independent Material Handling Company, EXPEDIENT can also specify the best piece of equipment for your job and not just rely on what a particular dealer has to offer. 

We offer material handling equipment for Short Term and Long Term Rental services. When you need a machine for a short term period and especially if you need it now, EXPEDIENT is the right place to call. We pride ourselves on always being able to support our customers with machines and service of the highest quality. 

Long Term Rental is where you choose to rent your equipment over a specified period instead of leasing or purchasing outright. This may be from 6 months to 5 years with rates normally commensurate with the length of the term. This is where EXPEDIENT excels. Our commitment for having the best quality rental fleet in INDIA means that all equipment is serviced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Advantages of Rental 

• Free from Capital Expenditure
• Reduce annual cost by not maintaining inventory of parts                                             
• Ability to adapt to seasonality in business
• Access to a wide range of equipment
• Free from managing repair & maintenance
• Reduce downtime due to breakdown of equipment
• Reduce downtime due to absence of qualified maintenance staff 

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EXPEDIENT MATERIAL HANDLING INDIA PVT LTD. have a vast Experience of 10 Years + as a core industry in Material Handling Equipments Solution. EXPEDIENT Design , distribute and support.....

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