What to Know About a Counter Balance Stacker?

Pallet stackers with counter balance to do easy labor

Many of you might have seen or heard about a counter balance stacker. It is a goods transport truck that runs on power supply and moves pallets from one place to another within work premises. It works and functions well to move heavy goods within a factory premises from one spot to another. We want to mention one more interesting thing about an industrial stacker. This truck was devised during 40 years before. Many companies designed it to meet the goods lifting and moving needs in factories and warehouses. These stackers have counter balance that help you to know the weight of goods that they are going to load and transport.

Know the advantages of counter balance stacker

You may be eager to know about the advantages of a counter balance stacker. These industrial stackers or trucks are being used in many sites of warehouses or factories. They can also be used in commercial spots to display commodities to customers at the same place. This kind of stacker or pallet truck has an easy to handle lift that can pick up and store goods by itself. You can even park such stackers at docks where only workers used to step up. Today battery operated stackers are in trend they work on a battery with a power supply of 12-15 volts. They also have battery chargers so that you can use these transport devices with ease for as many hours. You can also use these stackers to move heavy office equipment within work premises.

Model No : WS97-15D (Duplex)
Capacity : 1500Kgs
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