Electric Stacker for Easy Handling and Moving of Pallets

Power based stacker to meet your pallet moving needs

If you buy an electric stacker then it will help you for easy handling and moving of pallets or goods. These devices might be a bit more in cost when you buy them for the first time. Yet this could be a long term and profitable investment. When you invest money to buy these pallet stackers then you reap long term benefits. These benefits involve easy handling and moving of goods from one location to other location of your factory or work premises. Yet even if you don’t bother about the cost of these stackers then you will see that they need least handling costs. When you use them they work on propelling technology and electric motor components.

Manual vs. Power Based stackers

When you buy an electric stacker for the first time some people might lure you to buy manual stackers on account of their low cost. We recommend you to make a brief comparison between their basic features. Manual ones may be affordable than power based stackers. On the other hand when you look at power based stackers you find they save manual labor and time with their fast work technology. Such a stacker or pallet truck will also save your much time that would have been consumed while loading goods on them. In this way you will remain safe from injuries while handling manual stackers. Electric pallets will save much more time as they work on fast phase technology.

Model No : WS03-12
Capacity : 1200Kgs
Model No : WS92 , WS96, WS36
Capacity : 1T, 1.6T, 2T
Fully Electric Stacker
Model No : WS07-10
Capacity : 1000kg
Fully Electric Stacker
Model No : WS08-10
Capacity : 1000kg
Forkover Electric Stakcer
Model No : EXPWS10S
Capacity : 1000 KGS @ 600 Load Center
Lifting height : 3000 mm
Fork size : 320-800 mm
Fork Type : Adjustable bended forks
Mast Type : Duplex mast
Mast Lowered Height : 1985 mm
Mast Extended Height : 3370 mm
Minium Turning Radius : 1360 mm
Minium Ground Clearance : 1360 mm
Overall Length : 1760 mm
Overall Width : 800 mm
Control System : N/A
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